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On Sunday we went to The Abbey at Sutton Courtenay, and saw Mike Moon in the grounds. Mike is well known in Abingdon and, in his time, has Chaired the Vale accessibility group, and the Abingdon Fair Trade group. He now Chairs The Shed Oxford which is a workshop where members do their creative hobbies, while doing repair and renovation work at the Abbey in lieu of rent. The Shed has an open day on Saturday September 8th 11am to 6pm. Visit

We had a good time looking round the Abbey. There was supposed to be a Garden Party but it was raining.

So instead there was food, drinks, music, and a raffle in the great hall, with a roaring log fire.

There were also tours round the Abbey. Although old enough to be an Abbey it would probably have been demolished if it has been an Abbey when Henry VIII was about. At that time it was a place where well off clergyman could stay and entertain. It only got the name Abbey in Victorian times, and is now run as a charitable trust. More information at

2 thoughts on “Shed Oxford Community Workshop

  1. Janet

    I think that the shed workshops are a wonderful idea. Many men feel lonely and cut off after they retire. Some loose their wives early. Having a useful place to go and the company of others is invaluable.

  2. ant

    It was never an Abbey, but probably the medieval Rectory of Sutton Courtenay. The confusion probably arose because the living belonged to Abingdon Abbey. See Buildings of England (Berkshire) 2010 p.552


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