Drafting Plans for the next 50 years of the Abbey Buildings

Abbey Buildings
Draft plans for improvements to the Abbey Buildings are on display in the checker. There are a series of options set out for early discussions.

The Friends of Abingdon, custodians of the buildings, are preparing for an application for Heritage Lottery Funding and will be looking to improve access, and the usefulness of the buildings for the next 50 years.
Abbey Buildings
The Friends themselves are to split into two charities, one dedicated to looking after the Abbey Buildings,
Abbey Buildings
and the other a Civic Society, with a more general interest in looking after the town of Abingdon.

The annual Heritage Open Day (8th September) will be a more low key affair this year. I am passing control to somebody else who will take the lead and is already planning for 2019. So for 2018 any buildings that wish to open will do. There will also be some walks. So it will be a more relaxed affair, not the usual themed event with leaflets.

Also in 2018 the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society are celebrating their 50th anniversary with an exhibition and some big events.

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  1. ppjs

    Thank you so much for all you do to encourage us to enjoy Abingdon. Despite our whingeing, it is a good place to be!


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