A hot day at Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council

town council
Another hot day and councillors at the town council meeting this evening did not have to wear the usual heavy robes.
town council
The entrance to the Roysse Room for the town council meeting was by a back door as the Roysse Court is being redeveloped.

Members of the public, councillors, and staff were asked to stand as the Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames followed the mace into the room. Then Reverend Charles Miller led prayers. The Mayor, Councillor Margaret Crick, then presented cheques to groups who had been awarded grants including Abbey Brass, Abingdon Music Centre, Abingdon Rotary, and Smash badminton.

Three members of the public addressed the council before the meeting. Among them Pat Bryden wanted to set up a memorial for Alan Bryden, a former Town and County Councillor, who did a lot for the town. She proposed some improvements to some of the tourist maps in the town centre, and the addition of seats to some bus stops on the Oxford Road. She will provide the resources if the town council agree.

There followed a lot of questions about the town bus service, being paid for by the town council for £30K. It will run from Monday to Friday, 4 times a day and will go through South Abingdon between 9:06 and 14:56. It uses the route of the 41 bus that was previously subsidised by the County Council. It will run for one year from September 2018 – August 2019.

The meeting then went through all the committee papers since the last Town Council, and an audit of the Town Council accounts.

Lastly there was a discussion of three proposals put forward by town councillors. There is sometimes a misunderstanding that the town council runs the town. But for some matters they need to lobby the Vale of the White Horse District Council (VWHDC)  on important matters about the town. All three proposals were addressed to VWHDC and were unanimously agreed by the Councillors.
town council
1. The Upper Reaches Hotel has been boarded up for three years. What is VWHDC doing about that, and do they have any legal powers to influence the hotel owner? A letter will be written from Town Council to District Council to try and make the current situation public.

2. The toilets at the Charter are disgusting. Money had been put into the VWHDC budget to improve them, and the car park. So how is that going, and what are the plans for the charter generally? A letter will be written from Town Council to District Council to try and make the current situation public.
town council
3. Parking enforcement is not top of the list of police force priorities but they currently control on street parking in Abingdon. In 2014 the VWHDC considered introducing civic parking enforcement, but rejected the idea. Could they consider it again in 2018 for the sake of the parking situation outside schools and the town centre? A letter will be written from Town Council to District Council

7 thoughts on “A hot day at Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council

  1. the lady

    i so wish that the owners of what was a Chemist shop on the High street would be made to clean it up it looks dreadful

  2. Colinb

    Is there any news of the ex-adult care services building in the Charter. Still not occupied?. {Underneath Mind}.

  3. Daniel

    will they be removing ALL parking restrictions in the town centre – during the day and at weekends…in an effort to help rejuvenate the town?

  4. Horsesmouth

    The lady the old smiths chemist Shop you refer to has been let, watch this space!
    Car parking is appalling and I’m please the TC are making noises to the Vale about it, they may as well remove all yellow lines as they serve no purpose, parking around the memorial and bath street is ridiculous, the paving has broken in numerous places because of taxis and the owners/delivery drivers of all the food outlets tiger park onsnd across the paving, I’ve list count the amount of times I’ve contacted TVP about and all they say is it’s not on their list of priorities! I even stopped a passing pcso who was 100 meters away from a car parked across the paving by the square and the response was he didn’t have the resources to issue a ticket!
    That said the paving parking could be stopped in an instance by the installation of bollards on the paving ?

  5. Daniel

    as has been mentioned in previous posts horsesmouth…whilst it is perfectly ok for us to pay for service providers (TVP, Councils, street cleaning etc)…it is entirely beyond reproach to expect them to actually do anything.

    We pay for them “to exists” – and should count ourselves lucky to do so. We do not pay for them “to actually do anything”. no, no, no….

    As for town centre parking…remove ALL restrictions…and get some people back shopping …

  6. Su

    Daniel, could you clarify where the boundaries of this town centre parking free for all would be? Should Station Yard be unrestricted for all those new flats that are being built without parking? How about Bath Street below Stratton Way? To be honest, we have enough inconsiderate people parking where restrictions already exist. Rejuvenation of town centre shopping probably rests on a wider mix of shops supported by car parks that are not filled by resident permits and cars with district council permits.

  7. the Lady

    Horsesmouth..thank you i am so pleased. I agree with you parking is dreadful and parking on the paths is a nightmare for people who are sight impaired ..my husband spoke to the Police regarding this and was told” it us not for them to impose restrictions” i do not no where we will go from here


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