Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool Opening Ceremony

outdoor pool
Today sees the opening of the Abbey Meadow outdoor pool at 1pm for swimmers. The pool and changing areas are looking very smart after the £1.3million refurbishment, and there are lots of balloons.
outdoor pool
The council held an official opening event this morning for invited guests. Abingdon Town Band were playing and refreshments were being served.
outdoor pool
I was told that the council would be putting some pictures on their website for the use of the press. But, for now, here are a couple taken over the fence by a backstreet blogger.

12 thoughts on “Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool Opening Ceremony

  1. Jenny Smith

    I have searched in vain online for any details of the Outdoor Pool’s opening hours this year. Can anybody help?

  2. Abingdon Mum

    Enjoyed a lovely swim in the new pool. Nice and warm and hot shower afterwards! Changing rooms much more civilised. Big thumbs up from me!

  3. Jenny Smith

    Thank you Hester. What a shame that once again they have arrranged the opening hours and session times such that someone like me, who works 9 – 5.30 Monday – Friday, with a lunch break from 1 – 2, cannot swim at all during the week without taking time off work. Very disappointing.

  4. Chris John

    I hope they have upgraded the fences to stop the out of hours swimming by the local wasters. Someone’s going to get hurt out of hours one day either scaling the fence or in the pool. Wallingford Out door pool has razor wire at the top of the fence and seems to not have this problem

  5. ppjs

    Why a private opening for a public facility? And why were they not in bathing/swimming kit?

    Just asking 😉

  6. Daniel

    ppjs…you are so right. Totally undermines what this ‘means’.

    A great asset to the town. A truly commendable effort to stop the pool becoming houses.

    But ACTUALLY, it was all just a photo opportunity for the “great and the good” of Abingdon.

    As metaphors go, is what’s wrong with the town.

    At least the great unwashed aren’t disallowed from the wonderful flowers. They’re looking good.

  7. Badger

    Presumably a private event as too much chance of someone being pushed in or alternatively the ‘no bombing’ signs being ignored and everyone getting a soaking.

    In a similar vein to ‘the flowers’ it’s all for the ‘Greater Good’ we should know and respect that.

  8. Houdini

    Lovely looking pool … though one niggle … disappointed at the frontage. That’s hasn’t been updated at all and the fenced area alongside it houses the bins.

    But … looking good!


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