River Ock has burst its banks near Tesco

River Ock
It was early closing at 6pm at Tesco on Easter Monday. Anybody going back by bike or foot had to think twice before going along by the River Ock.
River Ock
The River Ock had burst its banks and so the Marcham Road was the only route.
River Ock
Beyond the Drayton Road the River Ock was running fast. It was within its banks, and so there does not look like any danger to properties.
River Ock
One sporting event has been cancelled. The Head of the River rowing event, planned for Sunday, 8th April, has been cancelled with great regret. The River Thames usually reaches a high water mark 2 or 3 days after the River Ock, and even if the River were row-able by next Sunday the fields would be too wet to take cars with trailers.

3 thoughts on “River Ock has burst its banks near Tesco

  1. Martin Gulliver

    We saw from our back window across the meadow that the river was running high. It seems a little bit lower this morning

  2. GP

    Sorry, completely tangential but seeking help.
    My son is trying to track down the Abingdon railway enthusiasts, especially those with historical knowledge. I know there’s a group of people, but I cannot find a website or contact point.. Real railways, not model.
    Can anyone give us a pointer?

  3. Hester

    There is a talk on the subject at the Unicorn Theatre on 25 April so there could be some useful contacts there. Ivan Cadge of the Model Railway Society knows a lot about the real thing too – he can be found online but will be at the talk too. Otherwise maybe try the Great Western Society?


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