August Abingdon in Bloom

August Abingdon in Bloom
The warm weather came and went again. While it lasted the flowers in the town centre looked even more vibrant.
August Abingdon in Bloom
With blooms like this you can forget almost that the hotel behind is still boarded up.
August Abingdon in Bloom
By the way as part of Heritage Open Day “Tours of the Guildhall will take place at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 on Saturday 9th September. Places are limited so you are advised to book by e-mailing” There will also be an exhibition from 10 am this Saturday called ‘Made in Abingdon’ at the Community FreeSpace, opposite H Samuel.

5 thoughts on “August Abingdon in Bloom

  1. Daniel

    Henley may well have it’s independent shops and vibrant River usage. Didcot may well have it’s highstreet names and cinema…and Witney may well have a decent mix of it all….but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…why should Abingdon worry…. The flowers look lovely!

  2. Peter Del

    Daniel, someone has replaced the disabled bays outside the cinema in Didcot with a bench! In other words, they are saying if you are disabled, like myself, you can’t go to the cinema!!
    But the flowers in Abingdon are indeed beautiful.

  3. Chris

    The flowers are magnificent and all credit to those who produced them and maintained them this season.

    I suggest anyone who feels a little down about Abingdon reads the online blogs of those many narrowboaters who visit. Their comments, overwhelmingly positive, have made me see the place in a new light this year. It really is pretty special and I do feel fortunate to live here.


    Agreed that the hotel site could be better managed. Simply removing some of the tangle of barriers and concrete blocks and tidying the jungle of weeds would help a little but, the view across the bridge is such an iconic one that it amazes me it has been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent.

  4. ppjs

    Hotel should be a prime site. I wonder if the proximity of several pubs puts prospective owners off. Or perhaps a lot of work would need to be done (and money spent) to bring it up to standard.

    Friends of our stayed there when we first came to Abingdon about 8 years ago. It seemed quiet (though pleasant enough) then.


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