Abingdon Herald – 150th anniversary

Congratulations to the Abingdon Herald who this week celebrate their 150th anniversary. This notice appeared in other local newspapers in July 1867 to let people know of the new publication ….
Abingdon Herald at 150
The Abingdon news that week saw Rev. A. Potts preaching two eloquent sermons at St Helen’s; heavy rain flattening corn; Abingdon getting beaten at cricket; and an outing to Nuneham by the Abingdon Social Club and Philanthropic Society, where the members enjoyed quoits and skittles.
Abingdon Herald at 150
On the front page of the 150th anniversary edition we see that the Truck music festival at Steventon was very muddy after rain, and that there are concerns it is getting too commercial. Also that Vince Cable, the new leader of the Lib-Dems, visited Abingdon.
Abingdon Herald at 150

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  1. John

    The anniversary of the Herald this year…. and next year will see the twenty fifth anniversary of the local talking newspaper, DAWN, which provides weekly recordings of the Herald to local blind and partially sighted recipients, and those with reading difficulties.


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