Abbey Play Area Opens and Abbey Buildings Opened

Abbey Opens
Over the weekend the Abbey Play area was opened, and proved very popular. Although 3 or 4 times the size of the previous play area, it was full at times.
Abbey Opens
On Bank Holiday Monday the Abbey Buildings also opened with a number of activities. The Oxford Waites performed in the Long Gallery, and different theatre groups rehearsed, and music was performed in the Unicorn Theatre, .
Abbey Opens
Also in the Long Gallery food and drink was being served, and societies had stalls.
Abbey Opens
Eight different walks set off from the Market Place, some in the morning and some the afternoon.
Abbey Opens
New was the Abingdon Rivers Walk led by Martin Buckland,
Abbey Opens
and the Saint Edmund Walk led by Anne Dodd. Both were well researched and very interesting. The Friends of Abingdon have launched a St Edmund project to give more prominence to St Edmund, and are linking up with other places where he is well remembered. The plaque above is in the St Edmunds Chapel in Our Lady and St Edmund’s Church, Abingdon.

P.S. The Abbey Buildings are open to the public from May 1 to September 30, between 2pm and 4.30pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, but not usually with so much going on.

3 thoughts on “Abbey Play Area Opens and Abbey Buildings Opened

  1. Daniel

    I made it to the play area today. Very busy indeed, no doubt a mixture of half term, plus newly opened, plus good weather.

    This may come as a surprise to many, coming from me, but i was truly impressed.

    The play area is great. Lots to do, lots of different areas – for different ages. Really interesting and engaging. Lots of bins. Lots of seating areas. A really good job and definitely an asset.

    In fact, either by intention or accident, combined with the water jets, and the remaining meadow (still ripe for a crazy golf), and of course river…this is becoming a “go to destination” for miles around. Getting the jewel that is the pool sorted in the coming months, and this in itself could all be a catalyst for the rest of the town – it’s THAT good. People will come here specifically; then wonder in to town for a pizza or snack, then a birthday card too…and then a gift.

    Before you know it…you have a whole economy!

    I’m well impressed. Almost positive.

    If the forward, thinking, connected thought out, and well executed people who managed this are responsible for other areas of the town…we MAY just have a chance after all!

    (Such forward thinking. Such confidence to make the best of a ripe opportunity, the embracing of change – they must be BREXIT voters. Whoever it was, it’s really good)!

  2. Dave

    Some time back, the Abingdon Townspeople lobbied in favour of the play area and swimming pool over a proposed café/restraint development. Now we can see the first part of their ideas in action. Will our recently elected councilors work through part two of the plan for the Meadow, we shall see.

    As for who should take credit for the regeneration of the Meadow, no small thanks should go to the many local people who took the trouble to make their views known at the planning stage vote, saving it for us all to enjoy.


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