Fair Funding for All Schools, Music in the Park Wristbands, and Abbey Brass

Fair Funding
There is the danger that school funding will be cut in real terms for many schools, and so the mass parents’ campaign fighting these cuts – Fair Funding For All Schools, were on the Market Place this morning. They had a petition, information, and had met some of the candidates standing for the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency.
Fair Funding
Also on the Market Place this morning were Alice Badcock, last year’s Mayor, and Margaret Crick, the new Deputy Mayor.

Fun in the Park, and Music in the Park are next weekend, on 3rd June, and they were selling wristbands for Music in the Park. Wristbands usually sell out before the day. Gates open at 5pm and there will be live performances from Flexamuscle, Shakedown Prophets, AGC Rock Band and Bigtopp. The evening concludes with a Proms Concert by Abingdon Town Band and a Grand Firework Display.
Fair Funding
There was also music on the Market Place, and a stall selling cakes, thanks to Abbey Brass who were raising funds so they can continue to buy instruments – for training new members.

1 thought on “Fair Funding for All Schools, Music in the Park Wristbands, and Abbey Brass

  1. Janet

    Sorry to bring up another topic. A mum posted this on social media about the state of the Abingdon Play Park. Very dissapointed to see vodka and beer bottles scattered all over the new childrens park in the Abbey meadows at 8:30am this morning when taking ny 15 month old for some play time before the crowds. I cleared them up, but bins were overflowing and i had to balance them on the top. However…i then found a smashed wine glass under one of the play equipment. Huge, jagged shards of glass everywhere. Once again i cleared it up, but please be careful with little ones.
    I really do thing that a conserted effort should be made through the town to combat litter and rubbish. It needs an organisation to co-ordinate it all. I think Hester suggested that the Friends of Abingdon take this task on. They could initiate projects for local schools and get take away shops to sign up to a bin the litter campaign.


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