Thy Kingdom Come

They Kingdom Come
Between Ascension Day (25th May) and Pentecost (4th June), some of the churches in Abingdon are taking part in the 11 days of prayer initiative begun by the Arch-bishop of Canterbury and called Thy Kingdom Come.

The full Abingdon programme can be seen on the Trinity web site.

This afternoon, Deacon Selina Nisbett led one of the events – a Prayer Walk around Abingdon – starting at Trinity, pictured above.

Here are some of the places the walk visited, and some of the words from the sheet which was followed …
They Kingdom Come
Pray for those marginalised in society; the unemployed, those on zero contract hours and all who struggle to make ends meet.
They Kingdom Come
Pray for all those who work in the health profession, paramedics, all who work in hospitals and hospices, hospital chaplains, and all those we know who are sick in body, mind and spirit.
They Kingdom Come
Pray for teachers, authors, academics and those employed in research that they might use their wisdom to transform the world.
They Kingdom Come
Give thanks for those who use their creativity to share their faith with others. Pray that we may use creativity to build bridges where there is brokenness.
They Kingdom Come
Pray for our armed services, police and all who have sacrificed themselves for others …

A few sheets were left in St Nics for anybody who wants one.

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