St Michael’s Evening of Victorian Entertainment

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Victorian Entertainment
A most excellent entertainment consisting of music and readings and drama was given in St Michael’s church this evening – 28th January.
Victorian Entertainment
The Reverend Paul Smith began by playing the part of Reverend Nathaniel Dodson, who caused St Michael’s Church to be built 150 years ago.
Victorian Entertainment
The entertainment was arranged by Hilary Clare and Glynne Butt (seen here on Pianoforte accompanying Peter Willis, a well known vocalist).

The church was crowded by a highly respectable audience.
Victorian Entertainment
The entertainment included a new selection of songs from the comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan called The Mikado. The song ‘Three Little Maids’ was loudly and rapturously applauded.
Victorian Entertainment
The evening ended with a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia.
Victorian Entertainment
Buns were thrown into the audience as we remembered Queen Victoria’s Diamond jubilee.

In the short space of an evening we relived Victoria’s reign, and its impact on Abingdon life.

It was part of the celebration of St Michael’s 150th anniversary – and was most ably executed.

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