Another year has gone by quicker than the last.

Walking beside the River Ock there were some beautiful views as the sun went down behind the mist.
In places the frost was still slippery. Another year has gone by quicker than the last.

I wonder what next year will bring to Abingdon. Will the Upper Reaches Hotel have a future? Will Abingdon get a neighbourhood plan? Will the Guildhall revamp be completed?

It is eleven years since I started an Abingdon Blog. Will I have enough ideas, and get enough items sent in, to keep it current? Should I do a revamp to make it look up to date? Has the granny wallpaper had its day?

24 thoughts on “Another year has gone by quicker than the last.

  1. Abingdon Mum

    Keep up the excellent work and don’t change a thing!
    Abingdon Blog is the best source of local news.
    Thank you, many times over!

  2. Annabel

    This blog is top of my list for daily browsing. I don’t mind if you revamp the look – but the content (and comments) are must-reads. Thank you. All the best for 2017.

  3. Martin Gulliver

    i agree…its perfect as it is – I get more info on Abingdon here than any web site or newspaper – long may you reign!

  4. Janet

    There are a lot of changes planned for Abingdon so a blog is even more needed. Perhaps a change to the wallpaper would be nice. Don’t want to be sexist but men always seem to favour browns etc.

  5. Scott

    I say a few guest writers.. that’s the best route. Not just the occasional post ‘thanks to captainkaos2’ but have a week where others take over administration duties.. and… a forum, everyone loves a good forum post. Maybe it would stop the ludicrously off-topic posts on your work.. and will make it more open and accessible for everyone. Oh and maybe a link of paint around the edges can’t harm anyone! See you in the new year 🙂

  6. John

    For goodness’ sake no guest writers please. Backstreeter’s approach to the town and his copytasting are more interesting and helpful to me than the stuff I get from any other blog, newspaper or local radio. Thank you Backstreeter. Please don’t go away.

  7. Helene

    Many thanks from me too. I really appreciate reading about what is going on in Abingdon. It is excellent as it is so don’t do too many changes.

  8. ppjs

    Is it Lampedusa who wrote “If you want everything to stay the same, then everything will have to change”? In other words, change or decay….

    That said, I also turn to this blog first thing in the morning (usually about 5.00am) and find myself refreshed, informed, amused, challenged – and never, never bored. If you can continue your extraordinary and creative exploration of Abingdon, Backstreeter, I shall be delighted.

    I am, like John, somewhat averse to “guest writers”. Occasionally, we get guest photographers and they delight us. However, the joy of this blog is that the arguments are those we generate and not the result of an embittered (or excitable or over-enthusiastic) soul telling us what to think.

    Wallpaper? Oscar Wilde’s (alleged) dying words from his bed in a Paris hotel: “Either that wallpaper goes or I do.” I don’t notice the wallpaper – that is perhaps its chief merit.

    Thanks, Backstreeter, for your hard work and your sharp eye. We are all in your debt.

  9. Kelly Simpson

    Fine as it is. Although would like to see less blatant hijacking of posts – it’s OK if the subject gradually morphs to another, but not when someone just posts something completely different.

  10. Julian

    Don’t change a thing Backstreeter! I had to go back to front page to look at wallpaper…i hadn’t noticed it!…that’s how it should be..unobtrusive.
    Don’t allow guest writers…unless you want a break that is? You amaze me, having had a small attempt at a blog myself in the past, how you find something new to write about EVERY day! I couldn’t do it!
    I also find it commendable that your posts are for the most part, completely unbiased…letting others put their own opinions and slant to the subject in hand.
    Keep up the excellent work please and thank you for keeping us informed..AND for allowing us to have our lively debates on the back of your posts. Much appreciated.

  11. Scott

    The only reason I suggested guest writers, is purely to allow backstreeter to enjoy himself away from the blog. It’s obvious a difficult task to come up with a new topic for 300 + days a year. I think it would he good for him to be able to have a rest away from the blog.. but not whilst he is on holiday with the family, a few more days a year are not too much to ask surely? I am like you all.. I enjoy reading (albeit I am a didcot resident now, I still have connections to Abingdon, including the blog master himself.. butility i think a bit of change doesn’t harm anyone.

  12. Sarah

    Ah yes. Autocorrect. My telephone changes “autocorrect” to “autocorrelation” every time. I revel in the irony …

  13. Daniel

    ….if, during auto correct, you long press on the word choices that appear, you can delete them from the auto correct list.

    I’m not sure if this is on or off topic.

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  15. Helen

    I too really appreciate the blog as a source of information on Abingdon and I admire your engagement, your commitment to Abingdon, and your unbiassed reporting, which I am sure is harder than it looks. Thanks for everything, Backstreeter!
    Although, yes, the wallpaper could go…

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