Vale of White Horse District Council Adopt Local Plan which takes us forward to 2031

Local Plans
The Vale of White Horse District Council’s Local Plan: 2031 (Part 1) was adopted this evening at a Full Council Meeting at the Beacon in Wantage. The government planning inspector recently wrote a letter saying he found the plan sound, and the council adopted the plan formally this evening with 31 votes in favour and 5 abstentions.

Now the plan is adopted the district’s five year land supply is secure and major development should only happen in areas identified in the Local Plan.
Local Plans
This means that some land in Abingdon, Kennington and Radley is removed from the Green Belt and can be built on. The plan includes 800 dwellings north of Abingdon, and 200 north west of Abingdon.

At the same meeting Faringdon and Blewbury had their neighbourhood plans adopted. Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council are working on our neighbourhood plan.

4 thoughts on “Vale of White Horse District Council Adopt Local Plan which takes us forward to 2031

  1. Hester

    Re the last sentence of Backstreeter’s article, sadly the TC are NOT working on a Neighbourhood Plan for Abingdon: they decided earlier in the autumn to do ‘Community-Led Plan” instead. This is similar but has no statutory force. Under the rules for all of these plans there has to be a mechanism for the community to be genuinely involved, right from the start – not just “consulted” on a document prepared by the Council – so we await with interest….

    On a related matter, we are still waiting to find out whether funding for the “Lodge Hill slip roads” was approved in the government’s Autumn Statement”: these are a prerequisite for houses above a certain number on the N.Abingdon developments.

  2. Lyle Lanley

    RIP green belt, and the last shred of pretence that The Vale of White Horse District Council give a damn about Abingdon.

    As for the Lodgehill junction being built before the houses, there is more chance of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by Babe the pig this Christmas.


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