Public Adventure Talks in Abingdon

Thanks to Mike for this event, and Martin Hartley for the pictures …
Public Adventure Talks
World-renowned polar explorer Pen Hadow will be visiting Abingdon on Thursday 6th October to give a public lecture at the Amey Theatre. This is the start of a series of adventure and exploration themed public talks in Abingdon with the simple of aim of giving the local community the chance to hear some remarkable people. There are two events lined up at the Amey Theatre this Autumn; the first is Pen’s talk followed by a second talk from Everest mountaineer Stephen Venables at the end of the November.
Public Adventure Talks
All the information on Pen’s talk can be seen on the website or facebook page

Mike will be on the marketplace next Saturday afternoon (once the Freedom Parade is complete).

3 thoughts on “Public Adventure Talks in Abingdon

  1. Janet

    I would like to warn people that if they are in Abingdon there have been a lot of purse thefts just lately. Watch your bags. One scum bag stole my friends purse. She is in her mid 80’s and has mobility problems so uses a walker. A man speaking English but of Asian complexion started a conversation with her in a shop. She said she felt a slight tug on her bag but thought nothing of it. When she went to pay for something and her purse was not there she even thought she had left it at home. The man tried to use her bank cards he had in her purse. The police say that these people stay in hostels. They never come to justice as they are bailed to attend court but never do. They just move on to another area and pray on the elderly and infirm. Money was taken from my friend which is a lot when people are pensioners.


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