Stories of African Peacemakers

African Peacemakers
At St Nicolas Church this week there is an exhibition of African Peacemakers. It comprises large photographic portraits, and a quote, and biography of the person.

The photographer says “My suggestion is that for you to look at the faces for a considerable amount of time. I believe if you do so for long enough you should see parts of yourself looking back at you.”

One of the peace makers is quoted as saying
‘My mother was very disappointed in me
seeing me doing this reintegration.
She said “What are you doing?
These are the people who tortured you.
These are the people who raped your sister.
These are the people who burnt your house.
And you know them.
What are you doing?
You are a disgrace.”

I found myself not knowing what to do
whether to continue with my conviction to build peace
or to do what my mother said.

Thank God I did what my conviction asked me to do.’

The exhibition is put on by the Quakers.

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