Shadows and Highlights

Shadows and Highlights
The theme for the City Daily Photo Blog community for June is “Shadows And Highlights” and I have picked a picture from a walk beside the Mill Stream, in the Abbey Meadows, on a sunny Sunday morning in May, showing the dappled sunlight under the new leaves.

I had idly watched, and photographed, some moorhen chicks just before taking this picture. Afterwards I found that the River Thames was closed because police divers were searching the river near the Marina. While I had been enjoying the spring sunshine, other people were in the middle of a personal tragedy.

More pictures of Shadows and Highlights from around the world are HERE to see.

7 thoughts on “Shadows and Highlights

  1. newcomer

    A few years ago I was chatting to some of the anglers who fish along the Abbey stream and asked what they were most likely to catch and they said ‘pike’. This explained the high rate of attrition amongst cygnets and chicks in them parts.. The swan pair on the stream have eight cygnets at the moment. I wish them well.

    A few days ago I was sat in The Nags garden with a mate and we saw a large carp float down the Thames on its side trailing a pale long ‘tube’ underwater. This, after consideration, we considered could a lamprey. These critters are now showing a revival in British rivers.

    For aficionados of horror movies, look here:

    You know it makes sense not to go back in the water … stick to the Abbey pool.

  2. Daniel

    Don’t forget to show some photos from the corridors at The Veil….that’s where the towns scariest shadows lay…

  3. Daniel

    Progressive, forward thinking, modern, stream lined, on the ball, ahead of the curve businesses are Hester….


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