New Houses to the South of Abingdon

New Houses
The first of the new dwellings on the Morland Gardens development in South Abingdon are built and a sales office has opened. They are just off the, often congested, Drayton Road.
New Houses
In Drayton, another development called Walnut Meadow is being built on the Abingdon Road (other end of same road).
New Houses
Most of the villages around Abingdon have fought and failed to stop developments in the last 5 or 6 years since the government changed the rules. Just south of Drayton, residents of Milton Village are currently fighting 50+ new houses.

13 thoughts on “New Houses to the South of Abingdon

  1. Janet

    Everyone knows about the traffic situation in Abingdon and yet all these developments will mean increasing traffic along the Drayton Road, leading to queues of traffic. Abingdon is being let down as no one is taking traffic in Abingdon seriously. There is no one with the guts to take on development that leads to traffic problems. Although it is difficult as the Government planning inspector who does not have to live with the increased traffic pushes everything through on appeal. Then we get Councillor Nimmo Smith who lives in Henley allowing the development by moving the traffic lights. This has made no difference to the queue of traffic along the Drayton Road. As I said no one takes traffic in Abingdon seriously.

  2. Guido

    I wonder how many new homes Chipping Norton have to have?
    On another note, i went to Blenheim palace the other day….now whilst lovely, you could, if there was such a dire need for housing, build 3-4 thousand homes there without it making a dent in the land owned by the estate….but I would show my ar*e off the top of Abingdon County Hall if that was ever to happen! Surely, we all have to do our bit though…or so we keep being told?

  3. Iain

    Theres a huge protest in woodstock about housing plans in that area – funnily enough noone much wants housing built next to them

  4. Guido

    No-one much wants housing built next to them…funnily enough the Duke of Marlborough won’t get them foisted upon him though..but we will. Still, we’re all in it together.

  5. Guy

    I feel we have been let down by our weak council who don’t seem to have any real fight in them and the Drayton road is only going to get worse !!!! Taylor Wimpey have VWHDC and Abingdon council in there pockets ! How possibly can they be aloud to have lorries mount a pedestrian/cycle path entering the new entrance for the last 4 months as I’m sure if it was me I wouldn’t !!!!!!! I have complained to OCC and VWHDC as I am a cyclist and this is so dangerous and they have always showed little interest !!!!! Also the road area outside is completely filthy with mud and sand debris and will at some point block the drainage system !!! These building contractors not just Taylor wimpey need to be watched !!!!!

  6. Daniel

    …I think the “foisted upon’ would feel a whole lot less hard done by if; first and foremost the apparent ‘need’ for housing had some figures based on facts related to reality – rather than finger in the wind numbers dreamt up funnily enough by developers. And then…the nimbys may have slightly less to get aggrieved by if the high profit housing wasnt even started until infrastructure was proved to be able to cope with things as they are let alone with what will be….

    While profit continues to come before everything else we’ll never have acceptance of such ‘development’, as they continue to negatively affect more than they posseitivly do.

    Still…the flowers look great, so mustn’t grumble.

  7. Janet

    We are not against new housing with appropriate infrastructure such as new roads that can cope with the extra traffic. By allowing piecemeal small developments the developers do not have to contribute to the infrastructure at all.

  8. ppjs

    It is interesting to see that at the development on the edge of Drayton a proper access road is being built, whereas at the South Abingdon development (with far more houses) there is simply a drop kerb. I wonder how the planning officers justify this disparity.

  9. rudi

    the irony of people living in houses built on what was once fields say no to new housing.
    it’s a case of build until i have mine.

  10. Daniel

    Agreed….a non sensical argument, I don’t get why people say it Guido, other than to shut down discussion. And of course, then there’s the obvious….

  11. Elsie

    The mud and the debris from the south Abingdon development is appalling, it’s bad enough in a car but must be awful for pedestrians and cyclists. The Milton residents protest every Friday afternoon about the proposed new development – kids ride horses in the road to slow traffic and other people stand by the roadside with placards. All very admirable but I’m not sure if it will make any difference, money will have changed hands the deal will be done.

  12. Reductio ad absurdum

    It’s a common implication on this forum that there are some significant behind the scenes secret deals done by the Vale with regard to development in Abingdon. If you genuinely believe that this is the case you can initiate a Judicial Review of a decision made by a public body. It’s obviously not a cheap thing to do, but it can be crowd funded so is a real possibility for an issue that gets people fired up.
    Personally, I think it’s down to a combination of good old fashioned incompetence and a fear of being taken to task by a developer who has the money and inclination to fight a decision they don’t like but what do I know?


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