Open Air Pool Re-opens

Open Air Pool Re-opens
The Abbey Meadows Open Air pool opened for the new season this morning, and the water was a warm and enticing 29ÂșC. Seen here are a family, who moved to Abingdon just three weeks ago – about to enjoy their first swim. Next to them is Dr Peter Harbour of Friends of the Outdoor Pool.

The pool will be more popular with the higher temperatures. And from July 4th, swimming lessons will move to the Outdoor Pool while the White Horse Leisure Centre pool is re-furbished.
Open Air Pool Re-opens
Nearby, in the Carpark, and back for the new season, was the Coffee Cube. It is also to be seen at other places round Abingdon such as near the Stratton Way bus stops.
Open Air Pool Re-opens
Mr Whippy is also there, making everyday a Sundae.

Crazy golf, pitch and put, and tennis courts are also open, as is the play area and splash pad. This will be the last year to play crazy golf, and tennis, as the play area is to be extended.

6 thoughts on “Open Air Pool Re-opens

  1. Chuffy

    Really wish the pool had earlier open hours. Would be great to go for an early morning swim before work.

  2. Jenbms

    I will be glad of the chance to swim before work after 4 July. So sad that once again their session times in the early summer mean local workers cannot swim in a 1-2pm lunch break. Have written to GLL and the Council to ask if they can change this.

  3. newcomer

    For men, I think ‘shorts’ are a watershed decision … yes, or no … that is the question.

    Personally, I think a man in shorts has no authority, but I’d be interested in the ladies point-of-view.

    I think Peter would make a good model in the ‘Man At C&A’ catalogue.


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