Clubs and Societies – 3

Clubs and Societies
The official launch of Host Abingdon will be on 10th May
Clubs and Societies
They had a stall at the Clubs and Societies day. Their aim is to find host families who will provide emergency accommodation as part of the existing Host Oxford Initiative. A fund has also been established to make a room available at St Ethelwold’s for refugee accommodation. They have also set up language lessons, welcoming and befriending, and food donations.
Clubs and Societies
Near them on one side at Clubs and Societies Day were Abingdon Artists. As well as frequent exhibitions, they have a programme of talks and demonstrations. On 12 May 2016 there will be a demonstration of pastels, and on 09 June 2016 A talk on Van Gogh.
Clubs and Societies
On the other side of Host Abingdon were the Abbey Meadow Lace Makers who meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Preston Road Community Centre from 09:30 to 15:30. They also have a fortnightly group at All Saints on Monday evenings for people who might like some tuition.
Clubs and Societies
Rounding off today’s groups are Abingdon Lions – an international organisation started in the USA in 1917, who have a well established group in Abingdon, UK.

Ron Skinner, their president, will be jump out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet for charity on 29th April. The money raised goes to Maggie’s Centre at the Oxford Children’s Hospital. His donation page is This will be his first skydive and he is age 70.

18 thoughts on “Clubs and Societies – 3

  1. Captainkaos2

    Host Abingdon ! Silly go doers, go and host the homeless in this country or attend to the needs of the 300,000.( rowntree foundation) children living beliw the poverty level, (that’s deprived of basics like food & warmth) living here, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Somalia, Yemen, Lebonon, Syria, Irag, Afghanastan etc etc are all failed or failing country’s. and because of one thing. Change has to come from within and until these so called refugees stand and fight for freeing their country’s from the evil within (like the west did against the Nazis) then all the nonsense like Abingdon Hosts are doing, along with the ridiculous E U policy, is just prolonging the agony!

  2. Janet

    I was in Oxford on Sunday and saw poor people sleeping in the street as they were homeless. The police just move them on so many end up sleeping in fields. There is no drive to provide help and accommodation for them as they are just a few of the many thousands of homeless in this country. We do not look after our own. Even Mother Theresa was shocked when she came to the UK as the image we put forward to other countries is that we are a very rich country. We have food banks and child poverty in this country. Should we not be seeing to our own first or is this not a P C thing to do.

  3. Hester

    The two are not mutually exclusive. We have a proud history of helping refugees over the centuries – from Huguenots to Kinderstransport, Ugandan Asians etc and many of those refugees have gone on to contribute enormously to the UK economy.

    Thank goodness for those for whom actions are more important than words and who are “doing good” day in, day out, to help those in need, both UK-born and others.

  4. Captainkaos2

    The difference between the refugees you refer to as examples of this country’s Christian believes and the so called refugees Host Abingdon are concerning themselves about is the fact their following has as its cornerstone world domination and that includes the iniolation of the Jews and Israel as well as Christianity itself! This will be the biting off of the very hand that’s feeding them, it’s one thing to have a faith Hester, but not one blind as to not see what’s happening out there, let’s not forget the Arch Bishop of Canterburys Easter message when he said it’s not racist to express concern over the dilution of the very fabric of our Christian country, surely you as a Labourite cannot agree with Corbyns any scemetic views? You can’t surely support labours candidate for the mayor of London after it was found he shared hostings with known terrorist supporters or the labour MP who’s just been suspended (. not sacked) for stating on Twitter she can’t wait for Iran to develope a nuclear bomb so they can wipe Israel of the face of the earth? What sort of a country do you think this will be in twenty years time?

  5. Mary

    Lets just celebrate people helping other people. A fairly basic human principle and not get hung up on whom and where.

  6. Captainkaos2

    Unfortunately Mary it appears the basic human principal you refer to only applies to one faith, try telling that to the parents of the three Christian westerners who’ve just been kidnapped and beheaded in the Philippines? Or the partners of the gay men who’ve been thrown off the roofs of buildings for being gay?

  7. John

    Cool it, Captain. Host Abingdon supporters already do all the things you suggest, helping local homeless and deprived, and recognise the need to make further sacrifices to help others now facing dire need. I hope you will go along to the meeting and listen humbly to what the man says before shouting more.

  8. davidofLuton

    The decision to accept a small number of refugee families has been taken at a national level. It is happening. It is reasonable to expect that a few of those refugees may come to Abingdon. And that too will happen whether folks on this forum like it or not.

    given that it is happening, it makes good sense for there to be preparation in the form of accommodation and language classes etc. These sort of schemes can only make integration better, and if folks want to volunteer to be involved, i see no problem.

  9. Iain

    Here here David, John and Hester. Capt. K has repeatedly talked on this site about the threats to his ‘Christian country’ yet doesn’t seem to have much understanding of compassion which is a fundamental tenet of Christianity. Either he’s a hypocrite or perhaps it’s him that ‘doesn’t get it’

  10. Iain

    Here here David, Mary John and Hester. Capt. K has repeatedly talkedt on this site about the threats to his ‘Christian country’ yet doesn’t seem to have much understanding of compassion which is a fundamental tenet of Christianity. Either he’s a hypocrite or perhaps it’s him that ‘doesn’t get it’

  11. Neil Fawcett

    Worth saying twice Iain.

    For the record ‘the west’ didn’t fight the Nazis ‘from within’.

    Large numbers of adults from those countires fled (just as many Syrians are now) and we took in thousands of refugee children (just as we should now).

    The western powers then took on the Nazis from without.

    As well as having a very poor grasp of the basic tenets of Christianity, Captainkaos2 appears to have little grasp of history either.

    On this issue I’m happy to see us preserve our Christian traditions by taking and acting on the advice Jesus gave when asked ‘Who is our neighbour?’.

  12. Same

    This is a tough one…. I don’t know how anyone can decide who not to save…

    But please, can we keep “God” out of it? He’s just mean.

  13. Bemused

    It is supremely christian to turn the other cheek no matter what people do/threaten and help all regardless because it is right to help all fellow humans. It’s hard and scary to do though when there are very real examples of helping people who do then bite the hand that feed them. Integration is great but are we sure everyone who comes here wants to integrate? That’s my concern – you can never know someone’s true thoughts or feelings

  14. Captainkaos2

    Neil, I’m baffled by your statement “the west didn’t fight from within” so the Poles didn’t put up a fight when they were invaded? Was that not a stand and fight scenario? Ditto Holland, Belgium, France, etc etc and where did the D Day invasion start from? Mars! My point about this is that there is no point fleeing from a country because its fundamentally flawed, stay, fight, make a difference, make it better otherwise what was the point of all our troops who fought and died in the middle east if the consequences were to capitulate and re settle on mass a culture that belongs from whence it came?

  15. Reductio ad absurdum

    Just to be clear CK2, are you saying that there were no refugees before and during WW2 or that those that there were were cowards who should have stayed and fought?

  16. davidofLuton

    that is a remarkably easy thing to pontificate when you are sitting on a sofa in Abingdon. I wonder if any of us would be so determined if we were waking up in Aleppo this morning.


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