Clubs and Societies – 4

Clubs and Societies
At the Clubs and Societies event, the Mayor of Abingdon, Councillor Helen Pighills, and the Chair of the Vale of White Horse District Council, Councillor Mike Badcock, were there talking to stall holders.
Clubs and Societies
The Abingdon Scottish Country Dancer Club say on their web site ‘So long as you are willing to have a good time, there is no restriction on age. The Abingdon club has members who won’t see seventy again and much younger dancers, all of whom enjoy Scottish country dancing in their own way.‘ All are welcome. You don’t even have to be Scottish. 
Clubs and Societies
Another of the groups at the event were the CSMA club, the Civil Service Motoring Club. To join this club I believe you have to have served in the Civil Service, but they may one day change the rules to allow all public sector workers. They meet at Preston Road Comminity Centre in Abingdon and have done for many years.
Clubs and Societies
The Abingdon Carbon Cutters, are helping to tackle climate change. We have been burning fossil fuels in larger and larger amounts for over 300 years, and Abingdon Carbon Cutters are trying to make a difference locally.

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