Walk on the Other Side of the Thames

River Thames
There were lots of little goslings out with their parents this evening. They will need to keep warm through the current cold snap.
River Thames
Looking across to St Helen’s Wharf, there are the very old Long Alley Almshouses (built 1446-7), and the newer Brick Alley Almshouses (built 1718-1720), and the pollarded Plane trees. They create a harmonious view with all those vertical lines in the water.
River Thames
Next door is the Old Anchor Inn where new people have recently taken over.
River Thames
At the Cricket ground somebody has made a fence out of pallets, possibly so they don’t loose their cricket balls quite so often.

5 thoughts on “Walk on the Other Side of the Thames

  1. Captainkaos2

    Echo those comments, just a pity that ever since the city council increased their mooring charges Abingdon appears to be a convenient and free mooring for all the pieces of junk that now populates the rivers, most are unlicensed, in insured and totally uninhabitable !


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