Two years later the shop front is bricked up

Lansbrough Estate moved from West St Helen Street to Ock Street, and Natural Health moved to Coxeter House. The vacated building was reconfigured: upstairs was converted to accommodation, and a new shop front was added.
Two years later the shop front has been bricked up, and two smaller windows fitted.

5 thoughts on “Two years later the shop front is bricked up

  1. Rachel

    There will be a 2 bedroom flat on each floor with the bedrooms at the front which will be why the windows on the ground floor are being changed to match those on the upper floors.

  2. Spike S

    Ugly but profitable, no doubt.
    Off-road parking ?? Presumably there will be at least six cars that the occupants expect to be able to store on the Public Highway.

  3. Peter Del

    Spike, if it had remained as an estate agent they would have 3 or 4 staff, each with a car, a couple of customers, with cars. The numbers would probably be similar except that residents park at night and drive elsewhere to work during the day, with a shop it would be the opposite, perhaps.

  4. JOhn Styles

    At risk of being drummed out of polite society for saying this, but clearly people want to live in Abingdon but don’t want to shop there particularly (and it’s hardly surprisiing that Internet shopping has had a significant impact), so converting shops to houses / flats makes sense.


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