Bury Street Bake Off

Bury Street Bake Off
Shows like ‘Great British Bake Off’ have helped encourage people to bake. Bury Street shopping centre has launched a cake decorating competition, and the winner receives a hamper full of baking goodies worth £100.
Bury Street Bake Off
All you need to do enter is send a photo of cakes or cakes that you’ve decorated via their website or Facebook and you could win the hamper.

They are accepting entries until 19th August, when a shortlist will be chosen by an impartial voting team. Then it’s over to the local community around Bury Street and Abingdon to pick the winner.

The poll will run via the website, Facebook and Twitter as well as by newsletter to centre members. Visit www.burystabingdon.co.uk or ‘like’ them on Facebook and ‘follow’ them on Twitter .

2 thoughts on “Bury Street Bake Off

  1. Cassandra

    I wonder how many people have entered? I didn’t realise that Bury Street had a website until I followed the link. Looking at it made me realise that actually there are a lot of shops in the Precinct. We only see the empty units but in fact there are a lot of shops.. All trying hard I guess. Mind you if would still be great to have a Marks and Spencer!!
    I hope that a lot of people take part.

  2. Captainkaos2

    Ah Cassandra you too have discovered the little known but excellent bury street web site, good to know that at last Scottish Widow are being pro active which begs the question why do its business occupants need to subscribe to the resurrected B.i.D?


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