Oh Why the Saints?

Oxford Saints kneel
I was passing by the American Football Game between the Oxford Saints and a visiting team on Sunday at Southern Town Park in Abingdon.

After a period of stop-go action, both teams went off for a talk from the team coach.
Oxford Saints kneel
There are 45 players in each team and as the coach spoke quite a few of the Saints ‘took a knee’. The only thing I overheard was the coach say “you went in too high that is why you got hurt.”

I left wondering why they keep kneeling down when anybody gets hurt, or the coach is talking.

Is it because …
a) They are the ‘Saints’ and want to pray
b) They want to show respect to the coach
c) Sitting would look lazy and inattentive
d) Another reason ?

6 thoughts on “Oh Why the Saints?

  1. Daniel

    Backstreeter….I’d suggest you dress up like they do then try sitting on the floor – and getting up again. You may find your answer.

  2. Blanky

    Ah ha ….. my American friend says:

    It’s supposed to be out of respect for the players who are hurt or the coach speaking. When someone is injured, even the whole audience sits down.

  3. Dave "Bugs" Creese

    They were originally called the Oxford Bulldogs and owned by the owner of the Bulldog pub in Woodstock, when they split with him their head coach was an ex NFL player called Steve Connor and as he was a minister for Christians in Sport so they changed to the Saints. Anyone who thinks they are soft to wear the body armour should try playing the game, I played rugby for 30yrs and played and coached American football for 27yrs and it is a hard game. They kneel off the pitch so the coach can see and talk to them all. They kneel on the pitch for a rest.


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