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New Cafe at Long Furlong Community Centre – first Tuesday in the month

Thankyou to Susan who says …
New Cafe
I’ve recently started a not- for -profit lunch cafe with friends, serving vegetarian lunches with a health kick! open first Tuesday in the month (Not October) from noon -3pm at Long Furlong Community Centre. We are open again on 7th August 2018.

The aims of the venture are:

* to entice people to eat less meat thus helping reduce stress on the planet in a small way (eg cows contribute to air pollution-)
* to use organic, seasonal and local produce where possible -reduce carbon footprint
* to interest people of all ages in whole food and healthy, less well known grains (such as Freekeh and quinoa) and legumes- beans (such as aduki and black beans) and various lentils through our menu
* to give challenged young people, who find getting regular work difficult, a worthwhile experience. The hope is that, if the venture becomes self financing, it will be pay them a regular wage

Taste for Design

On Saturday we went to Taste for Design at the Miele Experience Centre in Abingdon. This event is designed for people who are about to get a kitchen fitted. We went because of an invite from somebody who works there, and do not have any immediate plans.
It is a chance to learn in great detail about the choice of Miele ovens and hobs, warming drawers and extractor fans.
There was also a chance to sample food prepared using the different ovens.
We were served with five different courses – all prepared by the food technicians, and very good.

Miele also do a cook school to help people use their kitchen equipment to its full potential. The Experience Centre in Abingdon is a showcase for all the different products produced by Miele.

3rd Abingdon Food Festival

Abingdon Food Festival 3
The 3rd Abingdon Food Festival was held at Rye Farm Meadow this year.
Abingdon Food Festival 3
The event was organised by Abingdon Rotary Vesper. Alan Rickman (pictured here) organised their publicity, and managed to get a lot a people to come along even though the weather was wet at times.
Abingdon Food Festival 3
One of the star turns was a shiny lorry full of the latest in kitchen equipment, with some demos. This was organised and sponsored by Dream Doors (the Stert Street Kitchen specialist),
Abingdon Food Festival 3
Then there were rows of gazebos where you could buy takeaway food. We enjoyed the freshly cooked samosas, and Pujabi cuisine from Sufi Spice. They let us stand in the back of their gazebo to shelter from the rain.
Abingdon Food Festival 3
Other tents were selling food to take home, or concepts such as ‘how to live life on the veg’.

The Abingdon Food Festival is a great way to try new food and get new ideas about food.