Green Party Bus in the Vineyard

Green Party Bus
Thanks to Sally for a picture of the Green Party Campaign Bus in Abingdon today.
Green Party Bus
I believe that is the 4th party bus to come to Abingdon during the campaign.
Green Party Bus
Tim sent me an image of the green party leaflet posted through his front door yesterday morning. Spot the error.
When I get petrol in the Vineyard there is a similar – but different – error.

26 thoughts on “Green Party Bus in the Vineyard

  1. Old Ghost

    Dear oh dear, promoting the obesity epidemic, should it not be running on lentils? As a metaphor, a red bus thinly covered with some green facade speaks volumes, but, hey, would you vote for a party that can’t even be bothered to get your constituency name right? Makes a certain other party seem positively professional…

  2. Eddie

    From my days as a Postman, I remember Abington, Lanarkshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.
    We pointed out the error to the Green Party and we got a “Mortified” reply in return.

  3. Tim Oates

    Considering the fees charged by Abingdon skule you would think that they would ensure the name was spelt correctly.
    Has anybody told Felicity Lusk?

  4. Hester

    At the BBC Oxford Election debate which was recorded in Abingdon this morning, Larry Sanders (who is American) made a very emotional announcement that his brother, Bernie, has declared himself a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidency.

  5. rafe

    Ha ha – Greens, what a joke!! If they can’t even spell the name of the town correctly then that doesn’t instill much confidence if they were to run it ! Lol

  6. Brian

    Hang on fella’s this all started 12 days ago when I noted
    the following
    Unfortunately i was as surprised as Backstreeter not to see my name on the list of candidates. Unfortunately my nomination form was lost by my party’s election office, and it wasn’t spotted until after the deadline for nominations.
    Geoff – I’m pretty sure you are in the new Dunmore Ward, though previously in the old Northcourt Ward. Probably a deliverer error as Angela says.

    Basic errors fill you full of confidence doesn’t it ??

    so who’s next ??

  7. Badger

    Hilarious! If they can’t spell the town name correctly what could we expect of them in Government.

  8. daniel

    ….there’s plenty of people in government who ‘do’ spell our name correctly…and aren’t much use to us. Perhaps it’s the change we need!

  9. Badger

    Very true but if we at least start with the basics then the rest also stands some chance of being right.

    Your point reminds me of the fact that I have today for the first time since its sale been sent a Council Tax Bill for a house which was sold 4+ years ago, the bill is for 2015/16 and although they were told of its sale and all outstanding bills were payed at the time the incompetent idiots at the VOWHDC insist that suddenly I own it again. So you can tell who I’ll be SHOUTING AT on Tuesday morning @ 08:30hrs.

  10. daniel

    As satisfying as it may be…I doubt the person you’ll be shouting at will be the one who sent out the bill. Of course, more importantly, the point here is that you’re whole issue – incompetence, time wasting, squirting rate payers money up the wall….is nothing to do with the great and the good that stand for election; but is symptomatic of the unelected, unanswerable, unaccountable, people behind the scenes that we have absolutely no control over what so evet, who in fact really are the decision makers…and those that should be held to account.

    Still….these same people choose the flowers, I guess?

  11. Badger

    The fact that the bill has ended up on my doormat after all this time suggests to me that the property in question and its occupants (it’s a rental property and has been for 3+years) over the intervening years may have not payed any CT at all and that VOWHDC are fishing for the owners and occupants… they don’t know who to charge.

  12. Daniel

    …and to think…these are the same people who are responsible for every decision that affects our town and everyone in it…depressing, isn’t it….

  13. Badger

    Yup!… the same people who wouldn’t allow a southern ring road for the town, a proper Cinema by the A34, who allowed housing to be built in the flood plain on the Drayton Road and without any expansion of traffic capacity allowed the Oday Hill development, who seemingly want rid of the outdoor pool in Abbey Meadow, who refuse to maintain the cycle link with Oxford, moved the leisure centre to a place where you have to drive to it rather than walk or cycle because your bike WILL get stolen and sold the old leisure centre in a way that makes everyone think they are devious, etc, etc, etc.
    Makes Didcot seem quite attractive all of a sudden, growth over regression anyone?

  14. Daniel

    ….and it would lbe ovely to think we can make a difference come Thursday….but as they are unelected…

  15. Badger

    True, but that shouldn’t detract from the local election race, its Blue or Yellow and too close to call. I indirectly know someone who was helped by our MP, I do not believe the other team would have had the influence to bring about change if they were in power locally.

  16. Daniel

    Disconcertingly….i fear it is worryingly entwined.

    For example…the blues and the reds want the Dunmore Rd houses, or park and ride for Oxford, or what have you. The others don’t, including the yellows.

    The yellows hope, encouragingly, to amend the ‘new local plan’ to remove the green belt building – thus saving Dunmore Rd (and indeed the rest of Abingdon)….BUT….their amendments/wishes/hopes and desires for that amendment…merely go before the Almighty Planning Inspector, to decide if the amendment stands. It isn’t the yellows actual decision to make…

    Who is this planning inspector? An elected, accountable individual? Perhaps the same person/inspector who swallowed the farce over the Drayton Rd development/Marcham Rd crossings – basing their decision on unsound, developer led ‘research’?

    Are there any other decisions in the hands of the unelected and unaccountable?

    …having said that, maybe I’m wrong…..


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