Hawthorn Pubs Closed

Secured Empty Properties
Back in May 2014, Greene King sold 275 pubs to Hawthorn Leisure, a new operator that was quickly expanding with the help of overseas investment. This winter the two Abingdon pubs that were part of that initial deal –
Secured Empty Properties
the Cross Keys
Secured Empty Properties
and the Saxton Arms in Abingdon, have boards in the windows to say they are closed.

9 thoughts on “Hawthorn Pubs Closed

  1. summer76

    Never good to see pubs shutting, These days unless you are in a good location, offer food or something else its tough to survive.

  2. Captainkaos2

    Nothing wrong with living in sacky, there’s some very good people there, just because they don’t talk with a plumb in their mouth doesn’t make them any less !

  3. Alison

    Thank you captain kaons shame on you rude. There are plenty of ” nice ” people living on Saxton road. And th associate roads around.


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