A Thursday night in Abingdon Town Centre

A Thursday night
Thursday night in Abingdon Town Centre and at the first anniversary of the re-opening of The Crown and Thistle a band were playing in the barn.
A Thursday night
Further down Bridge Street at the Broad Face jazz players were performing.

Elsewhere less musical works were in progress …
A Thursday night
Below High Street a ‘deep excavation’ has been dug by Cappagh Browne working on behalf of Lanes Group plc. for Thames Water “to improve your sewerage network.”
A Thursday night
A lot of new scaffolding has recently been erected on the High Street.
A Thursday night
And outside residences, the smaller, black, ‘non-recylable’ ¬†wheelie bins are waiting for their contents to be taken away and dumped in landfill or burned at the new Incinerator at Ardley in North Oxfordshire.

4 thoughts on “A Thursday night in Abingdon Town Centre

  1. newcomer

    Re: the ‘deep excavation’, I hope Cappagh Browne are going to leave the pavement as they found it ie. paving blocks back in situ and level, and don’t just bung some tar concoction over the surface and disappear over the horizon.

  2. Hester

    A bit off topic, but, assuming i have the right building in mind, that new incinerator is spectacular – I have passed it a few times at both day and night and think it looks great. I never thought I’d say that about an incinerator, but it just shows what can be done if developers/architects put their mind to it.

  3. daniel

    …still off topic (sort of), but the Ardley incinerator is a shining example of “the people and the community” rallying together for a common aspiration. United in their worries and concerns…. and them being brushed aside for the pockets of the developers.

    In fact, it is on my list of “decisions that have gone against the community”.

    Still….the developer was happy.


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