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Thankyou to all the wonderful dog walkers who dispose of dog poo correctly

Dog Bins
Tony sent me this picture from somewhere in Abingdon.
Dog Bins
I took a picture of this replacement dog bin. It is on Mill Road in Abingdon. The red bin has replaced the original green bin.

I also took a picture of a dog bag hanging on a fence post, but then thought nobody wants to see that. Instead let me thank all the wonderful dog walkers who dispose of dog poo correctly. Gone are the bad old days.

A Thursday night in Abingdon Town Centre

A Thursday night
Thursday night in Abingdon Town Centre and at the first anniversary of the re-opening of The Crown and Thistle a band were playing in the barn.
A Thursday night
Further down Bridge Street at the Broad Face jazz players were performing.

Elsewhere less musical works were in progress …
A Thursday night
Below High Street a ‘deep excavation’ has been dug by Cappagh Browne working on behalf of Lanes Group plc. for Thames Water “to improve your sewerage network.”
A Thursday night
A lot of new scaffolding has recently been erected on the High Street.
A Thursday night
And outside residences, the smaller, black, ‘non-recylable’  wheelie bins are waiting for their contents to be taken away and dumped in landfill or burned at the new Incinerator at Ardley in North Oxfordshire.

Bags or Bins

Most houses in Abingdon are served by wheelie bins as part of the recently introduced waste processing system.
New Bags
Other houses, like this one on Ock Street, have bags instead. They had a delivery  today – possibly only the second time this has happened.  They are mostly houses without rear access.

I would guess the projected cost of the bags will become more than the cost of the bins after a certain time. Therefore in the long run the bins become the cheaper, more environmentally friendly, option.
New Bags
A few door away, in the Brewery Development, wheelie bins have become a permanent feature  at the front. Here rear access is difficult but not impossible.

After a wet night

Market Place Carpark Bins
We have had a lot of rain and large puddles have grown. On a rainy night, this is what the Market Car Park, in the town centre looked like . The car park is used by season ticket holders – mostly traders.

It also houses an area for waste / recycling.  The cages are a recent innovation.
Ferry Walk
By morning the clouds have gone but standing water still remains. On Ferry Walk, just off Wilsham Road, such standing water is an obstacle for the elderly people who live there.

Waste Disposal Regime Change

New Rubbish Collection

Some of the streets in Abingdon got their first waste collection under the new regime on Thursday. Thanks to Our Man in Lettings for this picture of his street afterwards.Here in East / West St Helen Street we got our first this Friday morning .

There are three bins: small green for food, large green for recyclable, and black for non-recyclable. The food waste was straight forward. The rest needed thinking about. The only thing we had definitely non-recyclable was polystyrene and crisp packets. Containers and cardboard and paper were definitely recyclable. But that left a grey area between.
New Rubbish Collection
Quite a few of our neighbours have exchanged the wheelie bins they were first given for sacks . The delivery company did not get it right in quite a few cases. Pink sacks are non-recyclable. But I notice quite a few put out green sacks instead (recyclable) and they have not been collected.

Not everybody has even realised there has been a regime change. On Lombard Street, some people put out their black bags on Tuesday and their old green boxes on Thursday. These have now got a yellow label with the heading “Verdant – South Oxfordshire District Council – We do not collect household waste from black bags.…”