Rust and Ruins in Abingdon

a lot of rust
There is a garden at the end of a blocked off road, on the outside of town, that is my entry for the City Daily Photo theme of ‘Rust and Ruins’.
a lot of rust
In the blocked off road is a truck than once belonged to Serco.
a lot of rust
There is an old traction engine with its front balanced on an oil drum. And lots more …

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8 thoughts on “Rust and Ruins in Abingdon

  1. colin

    The traction engine came from the shores of Loch Ness, it fell in while a road was being made along the side of the loch.
    It was recovered over 20 years ago via a raft made of scaffold and drums with an outboard motor on the back.
    and 2 trips in a lorry back to Abingdon.
    Still have the video somewhere of the weeks adventure 🙂


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