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Great Big Mess – Theme Day

There were strong winds and rain yesterday morning and it blew trees over. There are a group of large trees, still with their foliage, on the walk from Abingdon Bridge to Abingdon Lock.

Two of them are snapped on the main trunk, and a couple of others have been torn apart higher up.

This is how they look from the other bank of the River Thames. They are not the only ones. Other trees are broken and torn, but this group are the most dramatic.

A lot of leaves were blown into the MIll Stream. It looks a great big mess.

For November the City Daily Photo theme is Great Big Mess. Have a look at other examples of this theme at the Great Big Mess Gallery.

Theme Day – Right Under Your Nose

If you want to wear it right under your nose, the picture, taken under St Helen’s Church in Abingdon, shows how it is done. ‘Over your nose’ is the best way to protect other people if you have Covid-19 and don’t know it.

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During the nineties & noughties, there was a nightclub in Abingdon called Strattons. It was also called stickies because of the sticky carpet – from people drinking and dancing. It closed 9 years ago and the Results gym expanded into the space.

Strattons was so called because it was off Stratton Way.

Before Strattons there was an eighties nightclub in Abingdon called Charters. Charters was so called because it was part of the Charter – next to the Malthouse Surgery

The City Daily Photo theme for August 1st is Sticky. There are more stickies here

Could there still be a twenties nightclub in Abingdon?

Theme Day – Tools

The picture shows a vintage Abingdon adjustable wrench spanner, and an advert for the same.

Abingdon Works Ltd halted motorcycle production in 1932 to concentrate on their range of tools. They changed their name in 1945 to Abingdon King Dick as all their tools were King Dick tools. King Dick tools are still made in the Abingdon Works in Birmingham.

The spanner and advert are shown against a carpet from Abingdon Flooring, based in Bradford.

The town of Abingdon should receive royalties.

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