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Intoxicated with colour

Once a sensory garden with sober colours and subtle aromas, the flower bed at the end of Bath Street is now intoxicated with colour. It is flashier than the passing fire engine on Stratton Way.

On the first of August, town and city photo bloggers share their pictures on the Gardens theme. See more at the CDP Theme Day.

Abingdon Museum (Theme Day Museum)

The County Hall has dominated Abingdon Market Place since it was built between 1678 and 1682. It housed the Berkshire County Court on the first floor until all sessions were moved to Reading in 1868. It was then used for theatre, balls, lectures, and penny readings until the Corn Exchange was built in 1884 and took over these activities.

In 1928 a new use was found for the building. It became Abingdon Museum and has continued as Abingdon Museum for nearly a century.

There are permanent exhibitions of Abingdon’s long history ( Abingdon is the longest continually inhabited town in the UK, dating back to the Iron Age.) There are also temporary exhibitions so that even locals who visit a lot can find something new.

The staff are so welcoming and informative. It is open 10am – 4pm, Tuesday to Sunday & bank holidays (closed 24 December to 2 January).

City Daily Photo Theme: Museum.

Abingdon Clouds (Theme Day: Soft)

These clouds were photographed over West St Helen Street in Abingdon.

Close-up clouds look like mist and feel moist. Further away, they look soft like cotton wool, but if clouds were like cotton wool, aeroplanes would have problems climbing to 35,000 or 36,000 feet. Clouds must be softer than cotton wool, softer than marshmallows – as soft as moist air.

Part of the City Daily Photo theme day: Soft.

My Superpower

The first of the month is the day for a “theme day”, and the September 2022 theme is “My Superpower.” It is difficult to choose. But in the end, I have gone for the power to disappear. Click HERE to see more superpowers from around the world.

What’s “Your Superpower”?