Bargain hunters queuing in Abingdon on Boxing Day

Only Spar was open on Christmas day and they did a good trade, but quite a few shops had re-opened on Boxing Day.

Bargain hunters were queuing outside fat face when the shop opened at 10am on Boxing Day.

3 thoughts on “Bargain hunters queuing in Abingdon on Boxing Day

  1. newcomer

    Ah … lines of customers outside a retail establishment in Abingdon … so cute … and a piece of history..

    I think it might be interesting to find out how the B&M vote went re: Fairacres. I believe that was about now, though they are keeping it secret.

    Some people, not me, are hinting that some councilors (heaven forfend) might be voting with consideration to their pockets (surely not),but it would be interesting as to who voted which way. The electorate need to know.

    As an after-thought.. Should the poisoned-chalice of the Guildhall Cinema ever go through I think it should be called ‘The Littlejohn’ so future generations know who created the money pit. I’m sure Iain would be proud.

  2. Black Flag

    Look at this skullduggery playing right before our eyes. Newcomer, in a style of that great political and philosophical cut and thruster Russell Brand, has laid the bait for Iain Littlejohn. It’s a veritable bear trap.

    I can’t bear the suspense. Will he take it…will he not…

    I’m folloiwng the BBC for this one; only a matter of time before James Naughtie, David Dimbleby et al pick up the scent of Fairacregate. Zounds!


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