Klick To Snip

The Cutting Bar
Two new businesses are about to open in the Abbey Shopping Centre, formerly known as the Bury Street Precinct.

The first new business is where Klick used to be, and is called The Cutting Bar. They already have branches in Didcot and Wantage and a variety of other shopping centres. It is a unisex hairdresser which says “No appointment” “Just Walk In”.

4 thoughts on “Klick To Snip

  1. Mike

    Would I be right in assuming, Backstreeter, that you are a Liberal Democrat supporter? I’ve followed your blog for quite a few months now, pleased at its non-partisan coverage of events in our town. Don’t let you standards start to slip now, or you’ll alienate an awful lot of your readers for what are passing gains. Back on the straight and narrow now, old boy.

  2. Backstreeter

    Hi Mike, Thanks for that. Quite right. I have removed the nick picking comment I made. I felt guilty about it anyway while watching the hustings and seeing the candidates as they really were.

    I could well alienate everybody very soon anyway, on May 12th to be exact, but more of that on that day or the day after.

  3. Rob

    Just indulging in some myself, but “nit-picking”, surely?

    Great blog, Backstreeter – I follow it avidly as a long-ago ex Abingdon resident, now moved to the alien shores of Witney!


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