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Why life is like riding a bicycle …

Pedal Power
Pedal Power was started on the Vineyard in Abingdon in 1979. I bought my bike there many years ago. The bike – a Dawes – is still going strong with minimal maintenenace. I sometimes return to the shop, for a new tyre, innertube, or pump.

There is now an online home for Pedal Power and I see it has a quote of the month.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving ~ Albert Einstein

If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on. ~ Lance Armstrong

Guildhall Revamp and renaming Abingdon to Abingdon-On-Thames

I see the Town Council meeting is to be held in the newer Abbey Hall at 7pm today (Wednesday 25th Jan 2012) and not the older Council Chamber …
Town Council Meeting
Work has started on the refurbishment of the old part of the Guildhall (including the Council Chamber) and so the old rooms are closed until the spring. The work is more about making the rooms easy to use in terms of services. And so electricians vans and decorators are to be seen round the back.

Work on the new part will follow a report by some consultants who are looking to see whether the newer part, including the Abbey Hall, can be turned into a multi-purpose entertainment venue.
Town Council Meeting
Unfortunately I cannot get to the town council meeting as I have another meeting.

I see on the agenda…

1. It is proposed to give a vote of thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for the hugely successful Extravaganza Evening they organised.
2. It is also proposed to give a vote of thanks to the museum curator who will soon be retiring.
3. There will be a report from the Guildhall Committee, and all the other committees, about progress.
4. Also the Deputy Mayor, Peter Jones, has suffered a stroke and is in hospital. So I am sure they will be sending their best wishes for a full recovery, as well as signing him off from council duties for a while.
5. At the last meeting Abingdon Town Council voted to change the name of Abingdon to Abingdon-on-Thames. It has been announced “The Vale of White Horse District Council is to consider a request from Abingdon Town Council to change the name of the parish of Abingdon to Abingdon-on-Thames when councillors meet on Wednesday 22 February 2012.

The Local Government Act 1972 enables the district council to change the name of a parish where a request has been made by a parish council.

Members of the public are invited to submit their views on this proposal in advance of the meeting.

To contact the council regarding the proposals email:

If it does go ahead, I will consult with readers whether this blog should move to

Temporary footpath closure signs in town centre (shops still open)

Footpath Closed
The footpath is closed between Throwing Buns and the Punchbowl as underground work continues near the new lift shaft. Business goes on as usual at both.
Footpath Closed and Cyclist Dismount
‘Footpath Closed’ and ‘Cyclist Dismount in Car Park’ signs have been added in West St Helen Street Carpark. The cycle route near the Car Park is being used as the work depot while pavement work continues on East and West St Helen Street.

Church in Abingdon Quiz

(See comments for corrections to this report.)
Church in Abingdon Quiz
Christ Church won the Church in Abingdon quiz last year, and like the Eurovision Song Contest they had to host it this.

There were 11 teams of 8 representing 11 different churches. Apart from a prayer at the start the format was similar to a pub quiz. The closest we got to a religious question was in the round where we had to guess famous people from their childhood names ….Marion Morrison = John Wayne …. Lhamo Dondrub = Dalai Lama.

My own general knowledge is not so good anymore. But other people from the Trinity team did well and at the end of the evening we came third. ACC came second. That is Abingdon Community Church who meet at Thameside School.

And Christ Church on Long Furlong won. There are two Christ Churches in Abingdon … The original in Northcourt, and the offspring, set up about 20 years ago, who meet at Long Furlong School.