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Lidl get top billing + Cinematic Abingdon

Earlier today Wai saw the Fairacres roadside sign being changed. Lidl have top billing, and lower down Costa and The Gym are coming soon.

Daniel has a lovely cinematic video of Abingdon from the air – taken at various times. To get the full benefit it can be watched on youtube.

P.S The Abbey Cinema will be reopening from 17th May.

Old Abbey House and the Marina from the air

The last two posts were of Old Abbey House and the Marina. Daniel send some pictures of these from the air.
From the Air
Drones can record some amazing shots and videos that until a few years ago, were only possible from aircraft and hot air balloons.
From the Air
They must need pilot skills as well as camera skills. They show things that are not obvious to us on the ground.
From the Air
At Old Abbey House those buildings at the front may have served as a conservatory or orangery, and in the aerial view you can see they are separate.

Thankyou to Daniel for the extra dimension his shots give.

Interesting planning application at Dalton Barracks

Interesting planning application
Andy spotted this interesting planning application at Dalton Barracks.

The application seeks to use the Dalton Barracks airfield to film ‘A high end and prestigious production’ making use of the control tower and runway for period planes. The planes will not be flying, only taxiing. Other locations on site will also be used for filming including a blue screen area and welfare units for cast and crew. This is for a television production, with about 300 people at the peak of filming, and some of the people will use local hotels and B&Bs.

Site preparation starts in January 2021 until April then approximately 50 days of filming and the striking of the set to start late November. There would be no public access during filming.
Interesting planning application
Last year’s Abingdon Air and Country show was cancelled because of the pandemic. They were hoping to run the event on Saturday, 11th September 2021 at Dalton Barracks, but as we all know planning anything like that is difficult currently.

(The two pictures are from the Abingdon Air and Country Show)