Old Abbey House and the Marina from the air

The last two posts were of Old Abbey House and the Marina. Daniel send some pictures of these from the air.
From the Air
Drones can record some amazing shots and videos that until a few years ago, were only possible from aircraft and hot air balloons.
From the Air
They must need pilot skills as well as camera skills. They show things that are not obvious to us on the ground.
From the Air
At Old Abbey House those buildings at the front may have served as a conservatory or orangery, and in the aerial view you can see they are separate.

Thankyou to Daniel for the extra dimension his shots give.

8 thoughts on “Old Abbey House and the Marina from the air

  1. Julian Annells

    Iain, covenanted apparently means nothing. (See proposed building of apartment block at Abingdon United/old cricket ground, on land that Miss Tatham covenanted to the town for sports use).

  2. Hester

    Nothing to do with covenant. There are various legal obstacles to the rear garden being sold, so it was not included in the sale prospectus and the Vale have confirmed that it has not been sold, nor have the buyers been given any special rights to it, apart from some restrictions while the refurbishment work is in process. It will remain open to the public.
    (The small patch of grass in front of the building – between the car park and new Abbey House – was included in the prospectus, but I don’t know whether Ede plan to do anything with that.)

  3. PPJS

    The fact that there an application has been made on the land Miss Tatham bequeathed to the town does not mean that the application will be successful. Developers often punt applications to test the water.

    1. Hester

      PPJS Sadly the Northcourt proposal is more than a punt: they have put in two different applications, both were turned down by the Vale Planning people, but the developer took it to appeal. The initial appeal hearing was in January 2020, but it took longer than anticipated so a continuation date was set, but that fell foul of Lockdown and is only now taking place. The developers are very serious indeed about it – they must have spent a lot of money on the process so far.


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