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No Return Bus from Bus Consultation

Reductions in central government funding to Oxfordshire County Council mean that they need to cut services, and they are aiming to save a further £6.3m from bus subsidies.
Latest Bus Consultation
They have already reduced the Abingdon Town Bus Service (pictured above) so that the last bus finishes at 15:30.

They are now asking people what else can be cut. The options in the current consultation are:

  • Withdrawing bus subsidies altogether
  • Reducing funding to subsidised bus services – and adopting the principle of prioritising , where possible, services most likely to be used by the elderly and disabled 
  • Dial-a-Ride – Ending direct funding of the Dial-a-Ride service – encouraging community transport groups across the county to deliver a replacement service.

You can have your say on Wednesday 8th July at Abingdon Guildhall from 16:00-17:30.

More information at the Oxfordshire County Council’ Website.

It was pointed out to me that users of the Abingdon Town Bus Service have no return bus after 15:30.

New path to the River Thames in Abingdon

New path
There is an alternative to the steep path at Abingdon Bridge for wheelchair, mobility scooter users, and people not too steady on their feet.
New path
A level path now leads from Hales Meadow car park to the River Thames path. It was created by the Vale of White Horse District Council and opened earlier this month.
New path
The path was being well used by people who otherwise might not be able to get down to the riverside.

Wheelchair Access to the Mayor Making in the Guildhall

As in previous year’s Mike wanted to go to the Mayor Making, but he almost decided to stay away because of access issues. But I persuaded him to give it a go.
Wheelchair Access
First he made his way up the ramp, only to find that the stair lift was broken. Being an old model it is very expensive to get the parts. The Guildhall is to have much better disability access after the redevelopment so repairing that stairlift is considered to be throwing good money after bad. So wheelchair users are asked to use the other lift.
Wheelchair Access
That involves going down the ramp, over an uneven road. Through a narrow opening and then into a narrow lift.
Wheelchair Access
Finally after passing some toilets, Mike arrived at the Abbey Room where the Mayor Making would take place.