New path to the River Thames in Abingdon

New path
There is an alternative to the steep path at Abingdon Bridge for wheelchair, mobility scooter users, and people not too steady on their feet.
New path
A level path now leads from Hales Meadow car park to the River Thames path. It was created by the Vale of White Horse District Council and opened earlier this month.
New path
The path was being well used by people who otherwise might not be able to get down to the riverside.

3 thoughts on “New path to the River Thames in Abingdon

  1. David Bale

    To improve the enjoyment of the Thames in Oxfordshire why cannot there be more parking next to the Riverbank? Parking is deliberately positioned away from the Riverbank, I suspect the reason for this is not to spoil the ‘look’ of the Riverside & sometimes due to flooding. In this spot where the new path has been created couldn’t there be some Riverbank parking in the Summer? When you visit a lot of seaside places, parking is provided overlooking the Sea because this is what people want. To attract more people to visit Abingdon why not provide what people want! Quite a lot of the time walking or sitting by the River is not possible due to the weather. This comment is now getting to be a bit of a rant! Cars in general are pretty popular, small surface car-parks don’t need to be hidden! Only multistory ones and that is because of the building not the cars! Rant over.


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