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Abingdon Streetscape

On the 1st of each Month a group called City Daily Photo bloggers set an assignment. In 2020 the themes show off various elements of our cities and towns.
February – Streetscape
March – Municipal Building
April – School
May – Shopping

Abingdon Streetscape
For a Streetscape I took some pictures of Bridge Street at around noon today and picked this one

The first time I ever came to Abingdon was by Bridge Street, having crossed the River Thames. It was a summer day and Bridge Street was crowded with people and traffic.

Streetscapes from other places round the world can be seen at .

Look down East St Helen Street and beyond

Grief and War
This picture is taken from the County Hall roof looking down East St Helen Street, in Abingdon, on a summer evening, with St Helen’s Church at the far end.

Part of Look Down – a theme on City Daily Photos.

Not only the church rises to meet the sky: the poplars, like storm clouds, rise above the cumulus of trees, and chimneys stand like sentinels. Men from this street went to war and did not come back (Somme 100).

Abingdon Local Excellence Market – In The Pink

In The Pink
Today on the Market Place there was a local excellent market. Good to see Beyond Bubbles there. Their shop closed but they live on!
In The Pink
The Old Farmhouse Bakery from Steventon, just 3 miles from Abingdon, was also there.
In The Pink
It was a glorious day.
In The Pink
The Market did well. The Abingdon Carbon Cutters were there as usual making apple juice.
In The Pink
There were a wide variety of local apples. Many you would never see in a supermarket.
In The Pink
Not 2 Shabby had a stall at the Local Excellent Market. Their craftwork is often pink.

On the 1st Month I try to join in with the City Daily Blogs Theme – September 1st is Pink!