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New stiles and signs from Stonehill Lane

New styles and signs
There is a walk across the fields from Stonehill Lane (Oday Hill) to South Abingdon ending at Kensington Close. There is a lot of work going on around Stonehill Lane as the quarries are extended. A new access road has been built and as a result the walk across the fields has gained some new stiles to cross the access road.
New styles and signs
There are also new footpath signs so it is clearer than it used to be at the Stonehill Lane end. The footpath is not so obvious if you start from South Abingdon. One of the minor roads off Kensington Close is called Stonehill Walk. The way and leads from Abingdon to Drayton.

Unicom Theatre and Abingdon Exchange

Martin spotted this new sign walking up the Vineyard the other day. He says he is guessing someone ordered the sign by email – r and n can get squashed together in a few fonts. He says does no-one proof-read these things? Or is there a new sponsor!
Abingdon Exchange
Ashley says “Not sure if you have spotted it but the Abingdon Exchange has closed down or at least all the shelves in the shop are empty and it looks a bit deserted

Postal area graffiti in South Oxfordshire

You may have seen OX14 and other postal areas in local graffiti. It could be just a South Oxfordshire phenomena – who knows?

Recently there was a little tit for tat postal area graffiti in South Oxfordshire. People from OX14, who represent this postal area, went and daubed OX14 in the OX11 area to the south.
Postal area graffiti
OX11 retaliated back in OX14. The 1 at the end got modified to make it look like it was really done by OX14 people.
Postal area graffiti
The white roller came along and the graffiti was gone.
Postal area graffiti
In the next few weeks a graffiti artist will be helping some young people to do something more interesting. I will show the pictures when it has happened.