New stiles and signs from Stonehill Lane

New styles and signs
There is a walk across the fields from Stonehill Lane (Oday Hill) to South Abingdon ending at Kensington Close. There is a lot of work going on around Stonehill Lane as the quarries are extended. A new access road has been built and as a result the walk across the fields has gained some new stiles to cross the access road.
New styles and signs
There are also new footpath signs so it is clearer than it used to be at the Stonehill Lane end. The footpath is not so obvious if you start from South Abingdon. One of the minor roads off Kensington Close is called Stonehill Walk. The way and leads from Abingdon to Drayton.

3 thoughts on “New stiles and signs from Stonehill Lane

  1. horsesmouth

    Daniel, if you really want to see an example of shoe-horning have a look at today’s list of planning applications on the Vales web site?
    Opposite the Brewery Tap is a small entrance/archway leading up to what was once the upholsterers (39). there’s an application in to demolish the existing outbuildings and replace them with seven flats and a studio apartment, none of which appear to have a parking space let alone a garage and all will be joining Ock St via that tiny alley!

  2. Daniel

    Goodness HM… What a shame that more business has gone to make way for box homes…

    However, as a family man trying to accommodate growing up children and needing to build an extra bedroom I have to jump through planning hoops to ensure there’s enough parking. But one assumes a developer building yet more homes in town can pretty much get away with anything they want?


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