Trinity Church Calendar Entry

My day began with a visit to Trinity Church. I got there early to take some pictures before the Sunday service.

Trinity is both a Methodist and URC (United Reformed) church. The two denominations joined together in a special agreement in Abingdon. The URC want pictures of the outside of member churches for the 2022 calendar and I hope to send in a picture.

This is the most usual view of Trinity. There was not a cloud in the sky today.

The building can become distorted and the steeple and far end lean in towards each other.

I had to lie on the flower bed to get this view with the roses.

Which picture do you like best (1,2,3 or 4). Or can you do better? If so please send your picture to

ATOM2021 Abingdon-and-Beyond Science Trail

There was a stall on the Market Place to let us all know that there is a science trail with 24 locations in Abingdon-on-Thames. At each location you can do an activity using a smart phone or tablet.

You can download the app from . It has a map. At each location on the map is a QR code the app can scan and launch one of the virtual activities.

At the Abingdon Millennium Needle, for example, the virtual activity involves watching a video from the Jenner Institute and then answering a couple of questions on Cells and vaccines.

The trail is available from 11th – 13th June 2021. Lots of different organizations have provided the virtual Science lessons, and donated prizes for the best answers.

The hash tag #ATOM2021 is being on social media to share pictures about the Science trail.

Virus Neutraliser and Haptic Art at Abingdon Museum

Abingdon Museum cannot easily open the windows to let through fresh air between visitors but what they have is a Virus Neutraliser that also acts as an air conditioner. It sends out ozone after the staff have left. Ozone can neutralise any coronavirus in the air and on surfaces, and the ozone is gone by next day.

We booked a slot in the museum to view the exhibition on Haptic art. A group of textile and mixed media artists have created works inspired by exhibits that can also been found in the museum standing collection.

They include a floor tile from Abingdon Abbey.

To see other works including a bent spoon, Saxon comb, and more, book your slot at

Old Abbey House – new planning application

Jeremy let me know about the new planning application for Old Abbey House, detailing how the hotel will look. It can be viewed at

From the look of the plans, the existing building will be divided into 25 double bedrooms, a reception, laundry room, and staff room.

There will also be a new extension to serve as a free-standing coffee shop / café on the grassed area at the front of the site.

There will be 14 car parking places and spaces for 14 bikes.