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From an Abingdon Town Council meeting

Pilings going in
A specialist firm is driving in pilings round what will be the lift at the rear of the County Hall. The hot weather continues and will do for a few days more. And this evening there was a meeting of Abingdon Town Council. I have gathered the points I found of interest from the meeting. I hope councillors can correct any points that I misheard. My hearing is not brilliant at times …

  • Abingdon Town Council unanimously supported a Fair Trade resolution.
  • Ex Lib-Dem Councillor Janet Morgan is to be made a Freeman of Abingdon at a ceremony on the 5th November.
  • £15K from the £20K playground improvement budget for this year is to be used instead on putting in salt bins round town.
  • It is proposed that Caldecott Rec and Boxhill Walk woods and park are designated as Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Parks in 2012. The government are looking to create 2,012 such QEJ parks. About 600 have been put forward so far, and Abingdon Town Council would add two more.
  • Since the Town Council has not always got the resources to paint over grafitti on bus shelters, the Community Payback scheme will be asked to help.
  • The council is to spend £30K on a feasibility study on improving the modern part of the Guildhall.
  • The Town Council will budget £25K on the Jubilee celebrations next June.
  • The new area for ashes at the cemetery will use a system for interring remains called Sanctum 2000 which involves holding caskets in vaults above ground.
  • The Mayor enlisted bowls players, rather than the usual volunteer councillors, in the annual Mayor of Abingdon v Lord Mayor of Oxford’s bowls tournament, and Abingdon won the trophy. Apparently Oxford have this practise anyway and it needed evening up.
  • At the next Town Council meeting, in a couple of months time, the Mayor would like to propose changing the name of Abingdon to Abingdon-On-Thames.