New Shop to Open on Wednesday

New Shop to Open on Wednesday
A shop will be opening on Wednesday near The Square in Abingdon. The shop has been decorated and the sign was painted yesterday. The new shop will sell paintings and art; antiques, collectibles and some quirky stuff.

Browsers Welcome.

9 thoughts on “New Shop to Open on Wednesday

  1. Rolf

    Fair play – respect to the entrepreneurs for having a go at this – I will have a browse.
    Abingdon could be a cracking little town with a few more of these type of enterprising ventures.

  2. Hester

    Yes – it is a long time since we had an antique-type shop – a definite gap in our market* – I’ll be calling in.

    * someone will probably immediately remind me of something obvious I’ve forgotten, but the last one I remember was in Lombard Street – towards the west end.

  3. Rachel - the other one

    Hester – I remember the one in Lombard Street too. It was an amazing place with great velvet curtains and more in the basement.

    Best of luck to the owners of Art & Stuff.

  4. davidofLuton

    I often wondered why Abingdon did not have an antiques shop. The history of the town, the demographics of the population, the location – all seemed to make it an ideal site for such a shop. The problem is that such shops seldom thrive in isolation. Ideally (as in Tetbury or Stow on the Wold) you need a cluster of the shops together.

    But I wish this new shop well.


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