New Abingdon Lock Keeper

New Abingdon Lock Keeper
Rich Hawkins has taken over as the new Abingdon lock keeper, and will be moving into the lock house at the start of September. He has previously served as a relief lock keeper on the River Thames for five or six years.

It sounds as though he has already been in charge at Abingdon since last winter when the River Thames had strong flows and was close to flooding on two or three occasions, and when Abingdon’s lock chamber was relined.
New Abingdon Lock Keeper
He writes an occasional column called ‘Go with the flow’ in the Abingdon Herald – as one of the new community writers.

There could be excitement ahead as the lock gates are to be refurbished this coming winter. Then Abingdon Hydro could build some electricity generating turbines.

5 thoughts on “New Abingdon Lock Keeper

  1. Craig

    Yup, it was Milly. He’s retired to Kent. New chap is charming. Glad he’s got the house as well. Last time I spoke to him he wasn’t sure whether he would.

  2. Angie goodman

    Congratulations to Richard on becoming new lockeeper – he is very helpful along with his voluntary helper twinkle toes Frank who likes to river dance. He hopes to do ice creams again for the new season or maybe if the weather keeps nice he will do some this year.. Thank you for seeing us safely through The lock from all on board FAIR GAME

  3. Arthur Hanbidge

    Well done Richie on both your rescues this February.
    God help us all if they do away with lock keepers.
    You do a sterling job. It’s always nice to moor by your lock.

    Arthur and Marie ( Narrow cruiser KOPPA)

  4. Ian Shepherd

    Can anyone help with information? I received the following message:

    ‘On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 10:53 AM, Ted Coles wrote:

    Dear Mr Shepherd,

    I wonder whether you or someone else in the society can help me. I edit a number of Wikipedia articles and this concerns the one about flash locks ( ). At present the article does not contain a picture of a vessel traversing a flash lock. But there is a display Board near the town end of Abingdon Bridge that has one – see poor quality image attached. At the bottom of the display panel it says “Written and Researched by the Friends of Abbey Gardens 2011”. I would like to get hold of a better copy of this photograph, and would be most grateful for any lead that might help me towards this end.’

    Many thanks


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