Herald Revamp

Herald Revamp
The Herald had quite a major revamp three weeks ago – probably the biggest since it went tabloid. The format has become more modern, more pages have been added, and new writers do features in the Herald Leisure section. The price has also jumped from 45p to 70p.

Personally, I read it much as before, skipping over most of the Wantage, Didcot, and Wallingford stories unless they strike me as particularly interesting, and concentrating on what is happening in Abingdon.
Herald Revamp
The title is now “The Herald – Abingdon” – rather than “The Abingdon Herald”.

10 thoughts on “Herald Revamp

  1. Iain

    Sorry to place an off topic post backstreeter.

    In previous years a few people (cassandra i remwmber was one) were disappointed to miss swan upping

    You’ll have no doubt seen pictures of the spectacle in the papers but tgey will finish their survey in Abingdon on friday at around 5-30pm

    Hope this helps


  2. Janet

    Don’t knock it. They can help with local issues. I see that they reported the approval of the housing on the Drayton Road. It is good that a paper takes an interest in local topics.

  3. Cassandra

    I am usually an Abingdon Herald (!) reader but haven’t seen it this week. So thank you Iain for the info re: Swan Upping. I shall be there!!!!! Maybe this column is our own Abingdon Herald now.

  4. Kelly Simpson

    I like it as a paper, but still want someone to explain how it is bigger – it’s the same size and number of pages as before, therefore find it hard to accept such a big jump in price.

  5. Abingdon Newsagent

    I would like to point out that the newsagent now makes less money per copy sold at the higher price. Based on the 45p price, the newsagent made 17p per copy. Now at 70p, the newsagent makes only 14p. It may not sound a lot but if you include the customers that decide to no longer buy it, each shop could loose thousands of pounds a year. That along with rising costs will be the death of your friendly local newsagent.

  6. colin

    Iain, saw a letter in Oxford Mail, commenting on the lack of ‘interest’ in The Swan Upping ‘ceremony’. Where were the people of Abingdon-on-Thames??. Apparently only a few people were on the bridge to see them.

  7. Cassandra

    Likewise Sally and from 5.00 pm onwards lots of people were arriving for the Ceremony – incidently indicated by the newspapers as due to take place at 5.30 pm. So I missed it yet again!

  8. colin

    apparently they passed through 4:30ish, according to reports fewer cygnets this year??.

    In paper 4:30 at Culham Lock, 5:30 Abingdon….


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