Open Day and Circus at Stonehill House

Circus with a difference
On Saturday 6th July from 3 – 6.30 pm there will be a variety of entertainments followed by a circus with a difference …
Circus with a difference
in the barn of Stonehill House.
Circus with a difference
The performers are ‘Street Children’ from Russia.

Upsala Circus is a unique project aimed at giving ‘at risk’ kids, a dream, through learning circus and other skills.
Circus with a difference
If the weather holds good then there will be a chance for people to wander the gardens, enjoy a string quartet playing in the open pavilion, have tea & cakes, look at stalls on the lawn etc. The circus show itself is at 5pm.

Stonehill House is off Oday Hill. The Stonehill house website has the booking details and directions. Many thanks to Anthea for hosting this, and all the other interesting activities she has put on of late.

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