Comedy at the Guildhall

Comedy at the Guildhall
Last Thursday of every month there is “Out of Bounds” Comedy at the Guildhall.

Johanna, who puts on these events, created such a warm ambiance in the Roysse Room with the decor. It was a long way from being the school room that it once was.
Comedy at the Guildhall
Rudi Lickwood, the headline act, was real class. He took us out of bounds with some of his jokes.

Comedy at the Guildhall suggested to him a grand venue. There was a good audience, and it worked well, even if the microphone did fail at one point.

I look forward to the July event when two prominent acts come to Abingdon before starring at the Edinburgh Fringe.

P.S Abingdon Blog will be unavailable from 7pm this evening (31/05/2013). This will last about 6 hours. Host Servers are moving.

1 thought on “Comedy at the Guildhall

  1. Philip Airson

    Well I had a great time! that Philip Airson chap was hillarious! even though he had to shout most of his set after the mic died one sentence in! I think we should all demand he plays more venues! right guys?

    Theres a slight chance this is shameless self promotion


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