Heritage Open Days will be happening this year in Abingdon-on-Thames

I met an old friend in town today saying that he had not seen much about Heritage Open Day this year.
Heritage Open Days for Newcomer
There will be a stall at the Market Place over the weekend where you can pick up a leaflet if you cannot find one in the normal outlets like the Town Council Info Office, Library or Museum.
Heritage Open Days for Newcomer
There is a display in the library showing What’s On this coming weekend.

There is also a full listing for internet users at abingdonheritage.co.uk  and a facebook page AbingdonOnThamesHeritageOpenDays that has pictures of Heritage Days past. Oxford now holds a similar event with far greater resources – inspired by what happens in Abingdon on Heritage Open Days.

For the latest there is also a twitter feed at @AbingdonHODs. And BBC Radio Oxford will be broadcasting from the Market Place on Saturday morning so you could also listen in.

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