New Supermarket Trolley Retention System at Tesco

Trolley Scheme not 100% effective
At the Tesco Extra superstore just off the A34 in Abingdon a new system has been introduced to try to prevent supermarket trolleys being nicked. This is a long standing problem as many a trolley has ended up either in the River Ock or the River Thames.
Trolley Scheme not 100% effective
The new system means that customers put a £1 deposit into the trolley which is returned when the trolley is returned. The system appeared to be fairly new as a lot of customers were having to hunt around and ask other people if they had the £1 change.
Trolley Scheme not 100% effective
A Tesco trolley was seen this morning near the West St Helens Street Carpark minus the £1 deposit. But then no system involving supermarket trolleys can ever be totally foolproof.

11 thoughts on “New Supermarket Trolley Retention System at Tesco

  1. Spike

    And now they have introduced ‘Hand Car Wash’ again although on first viewing appears a little expensive for anything other than a straight forward wash and dry. I bet there will be no local Abingdon lads working there!

  2. Redstone

    The car wash seems to operate under the ‘Waves’ franchise. I have occasionally used a similar facility at another Tesco store near Heathrow especially during the hosepipe ban and can only describe the service there as excellent and good value for money. I was ‘poled’ over by the results!!

  3. Jason


    I’m sorry to use this post for an unrelated, separate comment, but I have just had an accident whilst feeding the ducks with my baby daughter — I have dropped some jewellery into the Thames. It’s not hugely valuable in monetary terms, but in sentimental terms it is irreplacable and I am gutted (as well as feeling very foolish).

    Does anyone know of an underwater metal detector service in Oxfordshire? I’ve done a google search but no joy.

    Sorry again for interupting this thread! Any help at all would be immensely appreciated, and I would of course reimburse any efforts that could retrieve it.

    Best wishes

  4. davidofabingdon

    I have no problem with paying a deposit for trolleys, but I wish Tescos would not dress it up as a move “to serve you better.”

    It is yet another move to get cusomers to do the work for themselves, so that tesco can employ fewer staff. Rather like self-service tills.

  5. patlon

    Well, if someone wants a good walk and earn a quid in to the bargain, they just have to take the trolley back to Tesco!

  6. Col

    I am surprised they didn’t sell the £1 trolley tokens.

    I purchased mine from Pets at Home, money for pets charity.


  7. Col

    Patton good Idea: if the quid was still in there…..whoever wanted to return it would have to put in (and take out) the £1 coin or their own ‘trolley token’.

  8. Anon Coward

    In recent months I’ve observed that some people have got so lazy that they couldnt even be *rsed to take their trolley back to the collection point.

    They just abandon them at the side of their car, or up against an adjoining car.

    So in this case, a big improvement.

    Unlike the changing where everything is again !

  9. jackson

    @ 6. col,

    You can ‘buy’ a token from the customer service desk for pound – money to charity. Token then goes on your key ring.

  10. Millihelen

    I am intrigued by the queue of people in the first photo. Surely the introduction of the new system wasnt that exciting?
    I’ve been to Tesco several times since the system was introduced about 6 weeks ago and I’ve never seen a queue – just a few people wandering back to their cars to search for coins!
    I wonder if Tesco will publish how much they have made for Cancer Research from selling tokens – all the money has been going straight into the collection box.


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